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New Hope for Chemo Treatment for Dogs with Cancer

A new trial of a chemotherapy treatment may be good news for dogs and people.

ScienceDaily reports on a new injectable chemotherapy treatment for dogs that is currently being tested at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. Considering November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, this new treatment is of special interest.

The researchers are testing a new drug called HylaPlat which is injected directly into a cancerous tumor. They first began testing the drug back in 2012 on several dogs with oral cancer and were pleased that the drug appeared to completely eliminate cancer in three out of seven dogs. In two other dogs, it appeared to either have slowed or was in partial remission. In 2013, they featured a story on the drug on a local Kansas television news show, and they were overwhelmed with pet owners asking to have their dogs included in trials. They decided to eliminate their initial restrictions, such as breed and size of dog, to allow as many of the dogs being brought to them into the trial. They also focused on all types of cancers, and not just oral.

So far the researchers have been very excited with the results and are looking forward to testing in humans, although that may not happen for at least two to three years. They are also working quickly to get the canine version of the drug approved for widespread use as soon as they can get FDA approval.

You can read more about HylaPlat at ScienceDaily.

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