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Good News for Stopping the Canine Flu

News of two new possible vaccines for preventing canine influenza.

Science Daily reports that a team of scientists from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have developed not one, but two new vaccines that will prevent the occurrence of the canine flu.

These new vaccines differ from ones currently used in that they do not use dead/inactivated flu virus. The current type can help with preventing flu but their efficacy is far less when compared to "live-attenuated" vaccines. The live vaccines have a more pronounced positive effect on boosting immunity and longer term effects. The new vaccines also are added into the dog's body via the nose, rather than the lungs, which allows them to attack the virus quicker and prevent it from spreading from the nose to the rest of the body.

The scientists are eager to test the vaccines on dogs in clinical trials. If they are successful, the vaccine can be a powerful tool in not only keeping our pets healthy but in improving health at shelters and kennels where airborne illness can propagate quickly.

For the full journal studies, visit A Nogales, L Rodriguez, C Chauché, K Huang, EC Reilly, DJ Topham, PR Murcia, CR Parrish, L Martínez-Sobrido. A temperature sensitive live-attenuated canine influenza virus H3N8 vaccine. Journal of Virology, 2016; JVI.02211-16 DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02211-16 and L Rodriguez, A Nogales, EC Reilly, DJ Topham et al. A live-attenuated influence vaccine for H3N2 canine influenza virus. Virology 504 (2017): 96-106.


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