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2018 Regulations to be Released--Bonus Selection and New Exercises

This is article #4 of #4 introducing the 2018 Regulations, to be published next week.

Before we publish the new regulations on Monday, we wanted to acquaint you with the bonus selection and new exercises in general.


The bonus has been designed to provide a practical transition to the next higher level and as an incentive to prepare for a wide variety of exercises. Previous bonuses were made into regular exercises in the new regulations and assigned to the appropriate level to offer more variety of regular exercises.

The bonus exercise is selected as follows:

  • In Level 1, the bonus is any Level 2 exercise other than those exercises performed at a distance.
  • In Level 2, the bonus is any Level 3 exercise.
  • In Level 3, the bonus is selected from the list of Level 3 Bonus exercises.
  • In Intro, the bonus is selected from the Level 1 Cone exercises.
  • In Veteran, the bonus is selected from the Level 3 Bonus exercises that do not include a sit (if the maximum number of sits for a Veteran course will be exceeded) or a moving down.

Here is how the bonus scoring works:

  • If the bonus is attempted, 10 bonus points are awarded, with point deductions assessed for incorrect performance of the exercise.
  • Point deductions on the bonus shall not exceed 10 points.
  • The bonus exercise may be retried one time, for a maximum possible bonus of 6 points (that is, 10 points are awarded for correctly performing the exercise, and 4 points are deducted for the retry.) Additional point deductions for incorrect performance when retrying the bonus shall not exceed 6 points.

New Exercises/Signs

New exercises are indicated by "NEW" next to the exercise number, while some exercises are "REVISED" based on existing exercises with some change in the requirements. Level 1 has 5 new exercises and 1 revised exercise. Level 2 has 3 new exercises and 4 revised exercises. Level 3 has 3 new exercises and 8 revised exercises. The Level 3 Bonus Exercises are primarily new exercises, with 1 revised exercise. Level 3 Bonus exercises include right-side heeling exercises, which were developed for added variety in exercises and flexibility of training for the dog's location in relation to handler.

We have an updated set of exercise signs for the 2018 regulations.

  • Groups will be allowed to use any unchanged old signs (exercises with the same name in the new regulations) for a grace period through the end of 2018, though the scoring and exercise requirements will go into effect at the beginning of 2018. The current unchanged signs can just be renumbered with the new exercise number.
  • We are working on a source for those interested in purchasing laminated sign sets.
  • The new signs will be available on the website next week along with the new regulations.
  • Please see the Sign Guide below.

Videos of Exercises

We are preparing videos to demonstrate how each exercise is performed and scored. These will be available on the website soon.

In the next news article, we will provide a link to the 2018 Regulations and exercise signs.

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