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2018 Regulations are Published

The 2018 Regulations and Exercise Signs are now available.

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Official Regulations have been published and are available along with the new Exercise Signs at by navigating to the "Official Regulations" page.

Some new options will be available starting July 1, 2017. (See the News article on 2018 Regulations--Timelines for more information.)

Below is an overview of each chapter in the 2018 Regulations. Chapters 1 - 4 lay the foundation for understanding the new regulations, so we recommend reading those chapters first.

We will soon be providing a list of FAQs on the website, as well as exercise videos and scoring illustrations.

***Please note that we will be out of the office until Friday, June 16, so the WCRL office will not be able to respond to emails promptly. Thank you for your understanding.***



Chapter 1-Rally Obedience

This chapter provides a concise definition of Rally and the general eligibility requirements to compete, including the allowance of modifications.

Chapter 2-Class Structure

This chapter defines the Rally classes (Regular, Specialty, and Tournament) as well as the purpose for each class. Specialty classes allow hosts to define custom classes for competition, giving hosts more flexibility for creativity and increased entries.

Tournament Classes are to be added in the near future as we develop the regular National Tournament. (Note: We first offered the National WCRL Tournament in 2016, where we introduced several of the new concepts, including the Standard Course Time and the bonus within the course. With feedback from this event, weve been able to further refine the 2018 Regulations.)

Chapter 3-Rules of Performance

This chapter is a one-stop guide and reference for rules and definitions related to Rally performance. It includes everything from the type of collars allowed in the ring, to ring procedure for competitors, to an alphabetized list of Rally concepts.

Chapter 4-Scoring Standards

Scoring Standards have been designed to place emphasis on the performance of a course as a whole; as such, a team cannot get a score of zero based on a single exercise element. The list of Elimination conditions (round scored as zero) has been narrowed down to general course penalties (e.g., going over-time, off-course, poor sportsmanship, etc.)

Special Scoring Considerations (Double Jeopardy, Penalties Not Erased With a Retry, and Outside Assistance) are also defined in this chapter.

Chapters 5, 6, & 7-Exercises for Levels 1, 2, & 3

These chapters contain a step-by-step description of each exercise, which have been arranged in the most appropriate level. A major concept that has been added is the principal purpose for each exercise, as noted by the Primary Element. This was added to provide opportunity for more consistency in judging, clarity for competitors, and more streamlined methodology for scoring.

New exercises are indicated by NEW next to the exercise number, while some exercises are REVISED based on existing exercises with some change in the requirements. Level 1 has 5 new exercises and 1 revised exercise. Level 2 has 3 new exercises and 4 revised exercises. Level 3 has 3 new exercises and 8 revised exercises, while the Level 3 Bonus Exercises are new exercises with 1 revised exercise.

Chapter 8-Titles, Awards, & Rankings

The current titles have not been changed in the new regulations, though we are evaluating refinements in the requirements of Combined-Level Championship Titles. In the Titles chapter, we have clarified the earning of titles and added the new Rally Intro title. The Award of Excellence has been made a designation appended to the title on which it was earned, and it requires the first 3 rounds to be 190 or higher. The rankings calculation has been refined so that ranking points apply to the title category in which those points were earned.

Appendix A-Course Design Requirements & Guidelines

Course Design Requirements have been standardized to test the objectives of each level. This chapter also contains a Comprehensive Exercise List and List of Primary Elements.


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