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Requests for Modifications

Requests for Modifications may be made for handlers or dogs with disabilities.

Per regulations, teams with varying physical disabilities that do not cause pain may compete in WCRL. If the dog's or handler's disabilities prevent the team from performing a course or exercise as described:

> Handler shall submit a Request for Modification (RFM) form to the judge prior to the start of the class.  
> The RFM should be completed with a written description of how the handler intends to perform the course or its exercises that must be modified to accommodate the particular disability.  
> On a case by case basis, the judge determines whether or not to approve the RFM.
> Judge shall document any modification made (on the Judge Report sent to WCRL), and the RFM is then attached to the teams score sheet. 


 Ann Allums 
WCRL Program Coordinator


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