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Rally@Home and USDAA@Home

A new home league, including rankings and results

During this period of social distancing and limited travel, we want to offer our competitors something they can do to stay connected with their dogs, fellow competitors, and the sports of Dog Agility and Rally Obedience. We have developed a virtual league called USDAA@Home℠.

USDAA@Home! will offer multiple four (4) week events, both Rally and Agility, using a variety courses and exercises for everyone to enjoy while we make our way through COVID-19. It is FREE for everyone, and if your dog is registered with WCRL or USDAA you can enroll and record and track your results. If you want to record and track your results, but your dog isn’t already registered with WCRL or USDAA, click here to register your dog.

Courses and exercises are be designed to fit most competitor’s backyards, and target the beginner, intermediate, and expert levels. New events will come online every four weeks.

You can access USDAA@Home! by going to To select an event, click on the drop down list of events, select one, and then click on “View Event Requirements” to see what each course/exercise has to offer.

If you decide you want to run the course/exercise and your dog is registered with WCRL or USDAA, you can track your results. Just enroll in the event of your choice and start having FUN! Remember there is NO CHARGE for enrolling and participating in events!


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