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Best Practices for Rally Trial Re-starts

Statement on Hosting and Attending Rally Trials

WCRL (and parent organization USDAA) groups are beginning to explore start-up of trials as early as this month. We recognize that the current COVID-19 situation is unfolding differently in different localities. Undoubtedly, one size does not fit all.

In this time, WCRL’s goal as a national organization is to seek to meet the needs of its affiliated groups and competitors. The best way we can do that is to provide flexibility, leaving each Group or Competitor to make responsible decisions based upon their locality and circumstances. We trust that Groups and Competitors will not take that responsibility lightly.

In deciding to host or attend a trial, Event Hosts and Competitors should consider where best to host a trial, be it indoors or outdoors. In either case, the recommendations and/or guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control, state and local health departments, and elected officials should guide decision-making.

Generally, when gathering in public places, at a minimum everyone should:

• Maintain social distancing (of both you and your dog) from others to the extent possible 
• Wear a mask in confined spaces where distancing is not possible, such as briefings, walk-throughs, walk-ways, restrooms, and vending areas
• Wear gloves if you are touching things that are touched by others
• Wash your hands often with soap and water
• Carry your own hand sanitizers (gels, wipes, etc.) and use them
• Bring your own food and refreshments, if allowed
• Avoid touching your face
• Be aware of items that you touch that may have been touched by others

Event Organizers should:
• Organize class schedules and/or other activities to allow additional time for distancing and avoiding congestion
• Map out traffic flow in and around the ring (and venue) to minimize cross traffic for competitors and others at the event
• Seek to eliminate need for leash runners (or other situations that invite congregation)
• Map out crating areas to a provide sufficient space for distancing, including, if prudent to do so, remote kenneling, such as in cars (windows open) where temperatures safely permit
• Be sensitive to and reasonably accommodating for unexpected situations to minimize stress and to assure a positive experience
• Limit the need to the extent possible for multiple people to share objects, such as pens and pencils, timing equipment, computers, awards, signs, etc.
• Provide disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, and/or sanitizing wipes for judges, volunteers, and staff  
• If normally hosting an indoor event, consider hosting the event outdoors where distancing measures are more advantageous, as well as for economic considerations

In all cases, if anyone suspects they have been exposed or do not feel well for any reason, do the right thing by others and simply stay home and do not expose others to unnecessary risk.

These lists are not intended to be all inclusive. If you have ideas on how to best implement safeguards, please share with us at


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