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Fall Festival Host Locations

Here is the list of host locations for the Fall Festival.

The USDAA@Home! Fall Festival is designed to allow competitors to train and compete for Agility and Rally tournament and titling Qs in the comfort of their own backyards.

For competitors who may not have all the equipment or enough space at home, we are pleased to provide a list of facilities that have agreed to host competitors for a fee, providing a variety of services. Click here for a list of the Fall Festival Host Facilities. If you are interested in running at one of the facilities please contact the facility ahead of time to check on their schedule, what services they are offering, and any special rules for the facility.

The Fall Festival will run from September 24th through November 9th and offer Rally and Agility events.

Sign up by Tuesday, September 15th for three events or more, and you will receive a packet of swag including an event t-shirt, bandana for your dog, a Fall Festival Q Ribbon in anticipation of all those Qs, and more!

Go to for more information on the USDAA@Home! Fall Festival.


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