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World Cynosport/APDT Rally Scoring Guidelines

Each team enters the ring with a perfect score of 200 points. Deductions are taken based on the exercise requirements and the scoring guidelines. Deductions are taken in 1 point increments from a minimum of a 1 point up to a 10 point deduction. The Judge indicates point deductions on the score sheet as faults occur on the course.

1 Point Deduction
  • Tight leash (1 point per occurrence)
  • Jumping on handler (1 point per occurrence)
  • Ticking a jump
  • Performing an exercise with the sign on the wrong side
  • Out of position sits, downs, fronts, stands (handler must be able to touch dog)
  • Heeling faults—lagging, forging, bumping, wide
  • Overly large circles in 270's and 360's exercises
  • Dog changing stationary position during food or touch rewards
1+ Points Deduction Depending on the Severity of the Error
  • Slight movement during Stand exercises (1 point per paw)
  • Barking
  • Failure to perform all elements of an exercise as described in the exercise description
3 Points Deduction
  • Each retry is scored as a 3 point deduction; any deductions previously taken for that exercise will be erased with the retry
  • Additional commands/cues or prompts when dog is failing to perform (3 points per occurrence)
  • Dropping the leash (Level 1 and Puppy)
  • Handler dropping food
  • Failure of the dog to move with handler as specified in exercise description
  • Handler stepping inside 6 foot line when sending dog over jump in # 43 Send Over Jumps—Handler Runs By
  • Sniffing a food bowl (3 points per occurrence)
  • Knocking over a cone or exercise sign
  • Splitting a cone, i.e. dog and handler pass on opposite sides of a cone
5 Points Deduction
  • Failure to sit, down, or stand, with the following exceptions (Also see Non-Qualifying):
    o # 1 HALT—Sit
    o # 45 Moving Down—Forward
    o # 59 Right Turn, 1-2 Steps—Down Dog—Forward
    o # 60 Left Turn, 1-2 Steps—Down Dog—Forward
    o # 61 HALT—Leave Dog—Down on Recall / # 62 Turn, Recall, Down, Recall, Finish or Forward
  • Extra sit, down, or stand when not specified in exercise description
  • Failure to perform a finish as indicated in exercise description
  • Failure of handler to pivot
  • Handler is in front of jump/uprights when sending dog over in # 43 Send Over Jumps—Handler Runs By
  • Performing an obstacle exercise backwards or in the wrong direction
  • Performing a turn in the wrong direction
  • Failure to change pace
  • Dog leaves the ring but returns to handler immediately upon being recalled. In other words, if the dog briefly breaks the plane of ring entrance or exit with one or more paws, but it is apparent that the dog is still actively working with the handler and immediately returns to handler upon recall, a 5 point deduction is taken. (Also see Non-Qualifying.)

Non-Qualifying (NQ)

The following exercises may be retried as per the Retries guidelines, but if after retrying, the dog still has not successfully completed the exercise, it will result in an NQ:

  • Failure of dog to "Sit" in # 1 HALT—Sit (Also see 5 Point Deduction.)
  • Failure of dog to maintain "Stay" in the following exercises:
    o # 5 HALT—Sit—Walk Around
    o #6 HALT—Sit—Down—Walk Around
    o # 49 Moving Stand Walk Around
  • Failure of dog to "Down" in the following exercises (Also see 5 Point Deduction):
    o # 45 Moving Down—Forward
    o # 59 Right Turn, 1-2 Steps—Down Dog—Forward
    o # 60 Left Turn, 1-2 Steps—Down Dog—Forward
    o # 61 HALT—Leave Dog—Down on Recall / # 62 Turn, Recall, Down, Recall, Finish or Forward
The following exercises may NOT be retried:
  • Dog refuses any jump and passes jump uprights, uses jump as aid in going over, knocks bar off, or knocks jump over—This is scored as an immediate NQ
  • Dog advances forward on Level 2 and Level 3 recall exercises before being called—This is scored as an immediate NQ
The following situations will result in an NQ:
  • Deductions of ten or more points at the completion of any individual exercise
  • Dog fully exits the ring and is no longer actively working with handler, and/or dog does not return immediately upon recall if dog steps out of ring (Also see 5 Point Deduction.)
  • Dog eliminates in the ring, or becomes ill in the ring
  • Consistently tight leash
  • Unmanageable behavior
  • Exceeding course time
  • Appearance of luring
  • Handler misses an exercise or performs an exercise out of sequence (off course)
  • Handler touches dog to prompt an exercise (unless specifically allowed in exercise description)
  • Food reward given before exercise is completed (except Puppy and Veteran Levels)
  • Food reward is given while moving towards an exercise sign (except Puppy and Veteran Levels)
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