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Welcome to the World Cynosport Rally web site. We want to thank all of you for your patience.

You will have a variety of services available to you when you come to 

  • In the Event Services area for Competitors (Competitor Log-In)
    • you can maintain your personal contact information (click the Edit icon on the right of the screen)
    • register dogs (see important procedural note below)
    • review performance records.

To access this area, you will need to follow one of a couple sets of procedures, depending on what your specific circumstances are.

  1. If you have not previously registered with APDT or USDAA, then please click the "Register" button on the First Time Registrant section to the right of the log-in form.
  2. Please do not create a new account if you have previously registered with APDT or USDAA. 
    • If previously registered with APDT, an account has already been established for you and there are two methods for retrieval explained further in steps 3 and 4 below.
    • If previously registered with USDAA, your USDAA account credentials are active and you may simply log in. Do note that only Rally results may be retrieved from the web site.
  3. To retrieve your credentials that we have already established for you,

a. For automated retrieval, you will need your last name,  your dog's registration number (see conversion instructions for your APDT Rally number on the log-in page), your dog's birthdate, and a valid email address.  Please read the instructions on the Competitor Log-In page carefully, as it will tell you how to convert your APDT Rally registration number to your new World Cynosport Rally number and provide further instruction for automated retrieval.


b. You may contact the office, and we can provide you the username and temporary password by emailing or calling (972) 487-2200 x103. 

Other features of the site--

  • On the Home page -
    • At the top of the page--
      • Competitor Log-In link in the upper right corner
    • Across middle of the page are primary links for
      • Group Directory
      • Event Calendar
      • Registration
      • Regulations
      • Rankings & Awards
      • Contact Us
    • In the lower half of the page --
      • Rally News pages - Click on the date link to access the articles
      • Upcoming Event & Event Calendar - an abbreviated list of events in the next few weeks. CLICK on the Event Calendar link above this list to access the full calendar.
    • At the bottom of the page is a complete site map with links for easy access.  This will appear on most pages.
  • On Other Web Site pages
    • All links are available through the side navigation bar and the footer site map, all of which have active links to key pages.
    • At any time to return to the home page, click the World Cynosport Rally logo in the header and it will return you to the home page.

We are in the process of taking over management of the APDT Rally Yahoo Groups and Facebook page in coming weeks. Posts through the Yahoo Group are courtesy posts and the basic functionality is planned to be continued. Though we will monitor the posts, we encourage you to contact the office directly should you have any questions about policies and procedures or other matters for which you would want an official and timely answer. The Facebook page will be utilized as a forum for sharing successes and tidbits on World Cynosport Rally.

Also, you will find periodic news announcements of widespread interest on the Rally News pages.  After we can assemble an editorial team, we hope to bring you training tips and oth


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