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Registration Information Update

Issues with registrations addressed . . .

Since the launch of the web site, we have had a lot of inquiries regarding how to retrieve account information.  If your dog was registered with APDT, you have an account with WCRL.  PLEASE, DO NOT SET UP A NEW OWNER RECORD OR RE-REGISTER YOUR DOG.

This post addresses some issues being encountered...

  1. One of the data items needed to retrieve credentials for competitor accounts is a dog's birth date.  If you do not have a birth date on file for a dog, use the default date '01/01/1900'.  If you have a date on file, the default date will not work. 
  2. All APDT registration numbers have been automatically converted to six-digit WCRL numbers - you do not have to do this.  For example, if your dog's APDT # was R-11-8963, the WCRL # is 808963.  If the number was R-12-10036, the WCRL # is 810036.  Please start using the WCRL numbers on entry forms at your earliest opportunity. 
  3. Many people have multiple accounts, with one or more dogs on each account.  If you log in and find dogs missing, send an email to and we will get your accounts merged. 
  4. If you have a USDAA account, your records for APDT rally are under a separate account, accessible thorugh the web site.  If you want your accounts merged, send an email to  Merged credentials will allow you to log in and see your dogs in one place, but your results from Rally can only be seen through the Rally site and your agility results can only be seen through the site.  
  5. If you experience any problems after trying these tips, please contact the WCRL office for assistance. 

Also, as mentioned in previous posts, titles are still under review and our calcluation scripts being adjusted.  TITLES IN YOUR WCRL ACCOUNT MAY BE IN ERROR.  We are aware of this and this will be straightened out over the next week or so.

We are working as hard as we can to resolve issues. We are pleased with the extreme voice of support we are receiving from each of those who have called.  We look forward to getting through this implementation phase and getting things to work smoothly.


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