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Titles Update

Title calculations to resume by month-end.

Title calculations have been deferred since January 6, in order to manage a transition to the new database system at World Cynosport Rally. 

The title calculations themselves are fairly complex due to tracking of multiple trials per day, but this combined with data restructuring necessary to capture more complete information about each event required the process be suspended for a period of time. The initial calculations, which contained a number of errors, were actually transferred to the title list on the web site.  While we regret the confusion it has caused, those that have reported certain errors have helped us to isolate those errors in the code and get them resolved.  A major hurdle was overcome in the debugging process at the first of this week, making way for an update of titles on the web site sometime late next week.  At the end of March, we will run titles through the end of February, and we will continue to run titles monthly from that point forward.

APDT ran titles computations through January 6, but a couple of errors were reported that we have communicated to them.  As a result, titles and rankings are being rerun (including rankings), and title certificates will be mailed out before month-end. Revised rankings will be announced when posted.  Only a couple of the lists were affected.  Indy, listed as third in the Overall and 1st in the ARCHX, will drop down in the listing, as a data entry error cause points to be inflated.  We apologize for any disappointments that were created by this error.  


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