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Meet World Cynosport Rally Board Member Amy Wukotich

Amy is committed to helping WCR grow! By Brenna Fender

The World Cynosport Rally (WCR) Board consists of Barbara Burri, Janet Gaunt, Wendy Hilton, Kristen Hurwitz, Casey Lomonaco, Rita Ann Monde, Nancy Reyes, Kim Wilson, and Amy Wukotich. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning more about these folks through in-depth interviews here on the WCR website.

Today we are getting to know Amy Wukotich. Amy lives in Chicago, Illinois, with Vicky, an 11-year-old Vizsla; Vito, a four-year-old Vizsla; Twinkle, a seven-year-old Doberman; Minx, a four-year-old Toy Manchester Terrier; Charlotte, a seven-year-old Toy Manchester Terrier; Sparks, a 15-year-old Standard Manchester Terrier. In her non-dog life, Amy is a property manager.

We asked Amy a few questions about her experiences in rally and more:

Brenna Fender: How long have you been involved in rally?

Amy Wukotich: 14+ years

What other dog sports do you participate in?

Agility, hunt tests, lure coursing, and nose work.

Amy and Vicky. Photo courtesy of Sirius Pet Images/Karen Hollis.

Do you find that rally impacts the other sports you do?

I find that multiple sports compliment each other. I think dogs are smarter than people sometimes give them credit for and have little trouble multi-tasking. Rally has helped everything else I do with my dogs, since it's the foundation for basic obedience and teamwork, which are the basic skills you need for all dog sports.

What do you like about World Cynosport Rally?

Everything! It's a fun way to develop teamwork with dogs of all ages.

What inspired you to become a board member for WCR?

I want to help spread the word about this fun sport and to help WCR grow throughout the country.

Do you serve on other boards or as an officer in other organizations, dog-related and otherwise?

I am a board member of Illinois Doberman Rescue.

Do you have family members who are involved in dog sports as well?


What are your non-dog-related hobbies?

Biking. I don't bike competitively, just for recreation. I prefer to bike to to work when weather permits; believe it or not, it's often a faster mode of transport in Chicago than a car during rush hour. Driving in Chicago can be very annoying; oddly cycling through the city is much more peaceful to me.

Do you have any other comments?

I am proud that I have three ARCHMX dogs! Twinkle and Vito have an ARCHMX and Vicky has an ARCHMX5.

Thanks, Amy, for the interview and for serving on the WCR board!


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