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World Cynosport Rally Board Member of the Week: Wendy Hilton

Meet another member of the new WCR board! By Brenna Fender

The World Cynosport Rally (WCR) Board consists of Barbara Burri, Janet Gaunt, Wendy Hilton, Kristen Hurwitz, Casey Lomonaco, Rita Ann Monde, Nancy Reyes, Kim Wilson, and Amy Wukotich. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning more about these folks through in-depth interviews here on the WCR website.

Today we are getting to know Wendy Hilton. Wendy is from Montara, California, and owns a seven-year-old male Vizsla named Sasha and a five-year-old female German Shorthaired Pointer named Desi. Wendy is the owner of Just Rewards, LLC, a dog training and behavior counseling business.

Wendy poses with Sasha (left) and Desi. Photo courtesy of Barbara Gale.

We asked Wendy a few questions about her experiences in rally and more:

Brenna Fender: How long have you been involved in rally?

Wendy Hilton: I started teaching Rally in 2005 and competing in 2006.

What other dog sports do you participate in?

AKC rally and obedience.

What do you like about World Cynosport Rally?

One of the most important aspects of World Cynosport Rally is that it was built on the philosophy that all handlers and dogs should be allowed to participate. The sport offers classes that allow puppies and senior dogs as well as youth to participate. This "inclusiveness" provides the abililty for all teams to be welcomed and enjoy the sport. I also enjoy the challenges of the upper level exercises and the number of titles available. This allows teams to continue to work toward new goals and enjoy rally together throughout their lifetimes. The supportive and welcoming atmosphere of World Cynosport Rally is another feature that I really appreciate. At the trials I have been to, judges, hosts, and other competitors have gone out of their way to help new teams feel welcome. They answer all questions and cheer for successes, no matter how small, and are there to give support when things don't go quite as well.

What inspired you to become a board member for WCR?

Since I started my rally career in 2005, I have been a huge proponent of the program and have focused a lot of time and effort to bring it to my area. I am passionate about rally and want to see it not only succeed, but also grow. I want to be a part of making World Cynosport Rally THE most successful rally program with the largest number of participants in the country.

Do you serve on other boards or as an officer in other organizations, dog-related and otherwise?

Yes, I am the founder and on the Board of Directors of NorCal German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue.

Do you have family members who are involved in dog sports as well?

What are your non-dog-related hobbies? 

My work and my hobbies are all about dogs!

What's something about you that most people would be surprised to find out?

I have a BA in Russian and an MBA in technology.

Wow, a BA in Russian! Cool! Thanks for talking to us, and thanks for serving on the WCR board!


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