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New Provisional Judges Named

Announcement of new judges approved for provisional judging assignments

World Cynosport Rally is pleased to announce the following individuals have been approved as provisional judges:

Dayna Dreger - Level 1
Olney, MD
Dayna started trialing in WCR/APDT Rally in 2011 when she lived in Canada. She started showing in CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) in 2005. When she moved to the USA in 2012, she was already a judge for CARO, and she wanted to continue judging for an organization with similar ethics, one that values positive training methods, happy working dogs, mutual teamwork, and encouraging ALL dogs to play, so she became a WCR/APDT Rally judge. Dayna also participates in Obedience, Therapy Dog work, Flyball, Agility, Herding, Nosework, and Tracking.

Nancy McDonald - Level 2
Dracut, MA
Nancy competed in her first WCR/APDT Rally trial in November 2008. She has been a WCR/APDT Rally judge since January 2011. Nancy loves watching the bond between handler and dog while competing on a course. She appreciates the unique bond of each team. Nancy also competes in AKC Rally, CPE Agility, and CDSP Obedience.

Beth Bishop - Level 2
Bath, MI
Beth started showing in WCR/APDT Rally in 2005, and has participated with three dogs so far. Beth participates in Obedience, Tracking, Nosework, and Lure Coursing as well. She became a provisional Level 1 Rally judge in 2011. Beth loves the atmosphere of camaraderie and support for each dog/handler team, the accommodation of dogs and handlers with limitations, and the challenge of WCR/APDT Rally, especially at the higher levels. The emphasis is on developing the relationship and the teamwork, celebrating successes whether or not the team Qs.


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