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World Cynosport Rally Board Member of the Week: Casey Lomonaco

Meet another board member working toward furthering the sport of rally!

The World Cynosport Rally (WCR) Board consists of Barbara Burri, Janet Gaunt, Wendy Hilton, Kristen Hurwitz, Casey Lomonaco, Rita Ann Monde, Nancy Reyes, Kim Wilson, and Amy Wukotich. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning more about these folks through in-depth interviews here on the WCR website.

Today we are getting to know Casey Lomonaco. Casey is from Binghamton, New York and owns Mokie, a seven-year-old Chow mix and Cuba, a two-year-old Saint Bernard. Casey is a dog trainer and behavior and training director at the Chemung County SPCA. We asked her a few questions about her experiences in rally and more:

Casey and Cuba. Photo courtesy of Jim Lomonaco.

Brenna Fender: How long have you been involved in rally?  

Casey Lomonaco: I do not participate in rally competitively.

What dog sports do you participate in?  

Treibball and lure coursing

What do you like about World Cynosport Rally?  

While certainly all dog sports provide wonderful learning opportunities for dogs and their people, rally, perhaps above all others, really builds great pets (as in, the types of behaviors owners want while "out and about" with their dogs) and great owners (the type of people that know how to build solid and reliable behaviors through consistent communication and reinforcement). World Cynosport offers training teams the opportunity to compete in an environment that is both dog and people friendly. 

Casey and Mokie. Photo courtesy of Nicole Oakley.

What inspired you to become a board member for WCR?  

As a Board member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, I wanted to make sure that the APDT Rally program found the absolute best home possible, in an organization that honors the tradition of keeping rally fun and respectful for all participants, while having the ability to grow the program and make the sport of rally available for pet owners in every community. World Cynosport seemed like a great home for the program with the potential to bring rally to pet families in many communities in North America and globally.

Do you serve on other boards or as an officer in other organizations, dog-related and otherwise?  

I currently serve as the secretary for the Board of Trustees at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and on the staff of a municipal shelter and humane society in upstate New York.

Do you have family members who are involved in dog sports as well? 

My dog nerdery is not inherited. While dogs have always been an important and much-loved part of my family, formal dog training is something I first encountered in my adult life.

What are your non-dog-related hobbies? 

People have hobbies that don't include dogs?  But seriously, I love reading, hiking, camping, swimming, and hanging out at bonfires with friends and family.

What's something about you that most people would be surprised to find out? 

I won a hula hooping contest one time.

You won a hula hooping contest? That's cool! Was this as a kid or a as a hula hooping adult


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