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New Provisional Judge Named

Announcement of new Level 2 judge approved for provisional judging assignments

World Cynosport Rally is pleased to announce the following individual has been approved as a Level 2 provisional judge:

Amee Abel - Level 2
Keene, NH

Amee has competed in WCR/APDT Rally since 2008, and has put titles on five different dogs so far. Her most advanced WCR dog is working on his ARCHMX2. She is also active in WCR/APDT Rally as a Trial Chairperson. She and her four dogs compete in AKC Rally; in AKC, USDAA, CPE, and NADAC agility; in CDSP and AKC obedience; and in WCFO Canine Freestyle; as well as volunteering time as registered therapy dog teams visiting at local schools and assisted-living communities. She decided to add judging to her involvement with Rally because she loves the sport and wants other people to love it, too. As a judge, Amee tries to design courses that are fun to run and leave a competitor feeling that they had a fair chance to display their teams skills. As a judge, shes always rooting for the team in the ring.


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