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Event Report: Waggin' Tails Dog Training Center

Check out new titles, photos, and courses from the event. By Barbara Burri

After the September 14-15 event, another Waggin' Tails Dog Training Center World Cynosport Rally trial is on the books! Thank you to our great judges, Heather Stockard and Charlene Swainamer, and our hostess with the most, Sandy Madden! We had a lot of fun, made some new friends, celebrated old friends, and many titles were earned:

RL1: Jacey and Maura Wiser, Tika and Robin Bradbury, Chrissy Hughes and Tucker

Judge Charlene Swainamer, Chrissy Hughes, and Tucker, earning his RL1.

RL3: Dundee and Katy Upson, Roxie and Karen Cavanaugh

RLP: Jasper and Jen Strubinger

Jen Strubinger and Jasper earned the RLP.

RL1X5 Gabriel and Charlene Swainamer
RL1X7 Bella and Ruth Ellis
RL1X8 Kestrel and Barb Burri

RL2X: Bart and Diana Fincher,
RL2X2 Kodi and Karen Randall
RL2X4 Gabriel and Charlene Swainamer
RL2X8 Kestrel and Barb Burri

RL3X: Kodi and Karen Randall
RL3X3 Bella and Ruth Ellis

RLPX7 Riot and Lindsay Hill

RLVX3 Sadie and Bill Richards
RLVX7 Bentley and Gary McKinney
RLVX20 Tess and Lindsay Hill

ARCH: Bart and Diana Fincher

ARCHMX4 Kestrel and Barb Burri

Barb Burri and ARCHEX Hawke, and Lindsay Hill and Tess pose together.

Judge Charlene Swainamer handing a new title ribbon to Jen Strubinger and Jasper. Left to right: Heather Stockard, Charlene Swainamer, Jen Jackson and Indy, Jen Strubinger and Jasper, Marilyn Mariano, Jessica Janowski, and Lindsay and Riot. Photo courtesy of Lisabeth Wotherspoon.

Check out the courses from the event:

Thanks to all who attended, and we'll see you next year!

Photos courtesy of Jen Strubinger unless otherwise noted.

Waggin' Tails Trials are courtesy of Sandy Madden, owner of the Waggin' Tails Dog Training Center, and Barb Burri, trial secretary. Sandy has a Labrador, Cassie, and a Welsh Springer Spaniel, Captain, who both have their RL1 titles. Barb is a World Cynosport Rally judge and runs three Labradors, ARCHEX Hawke, RLVX17; ARCHMX4 Kestrel, RLVX5; and ARCHMX Merlin.


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