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Event Report: Bo-Gee Agility

A look back at this fun and  event. By Laura Raymond.

Bo-Gee Agility Dog Sport & Training Center in Raymond, New Hampshire held a World Cynosport Rally event on Saturday, November 30th. Back when I applied for these trials to be held right after Thanksgiving (a new one for Bo-Gee), we weren't sure how well they would be received. I mean, some folks do actually have human families and commitments right? Well, thankfully for us, the rally community did like the idea and opportunity to have a day with their rally family and friends!  

Thirty-one competitors with their forty dogs decided to enter and venture out on what was the coldest morning so far of the season.  Bo-Gee enjoyed having our very best turn out for a WCR rally event ever! We had a total of 111 runs and it was all in two trials on one day!  We had puppies and  a large level 1 entry (both representing the future of the sport), seasoned level 2 and 3 teams and, of course, our wonderful Veterans that are always so inspiring.

We had fabulous judges in Amee Abel and Barb Burri, with Charlene Swainamer as a step-in judge for Barb, who was wearing two hats that day also playing the part of test secretary extraordinaire. We also were thrilled to have Ruth Ellis come and apprentice under Amee. From what I understand, Ruth is now well on her way to becoming a new Level One judge. Congratulations Ruth! We had qualifying score after qualifying score, 210s, lots of titles, and even one ARCH! 

Let's all congratulate these fabulous teams that came to play, have fun, and earn some titles along the way:

Carol Kasabian & Benevers I'm Joeys Girl - RL2
Carol Kasabian & Lakeway Benevers Grand Slam - RL1
Carol Kasabian & Beaguile Sandy Pawprint at Woodrose - RL1
Carol Kasabian & Benevers Night Before Christmas - RL1X
Jessica Janowski & Rious - RLP
Virginia Hazen & Lucy - RL1
Cynthia Gilliland & Ivy - RL2
Linda McKinnon & Kenzie - RL3 & ARCH (Yay!)
Heather Bystrek & Annie - RL1X
Charlene Swainamer & Gabriel - RL1X7 & RL2X6
Helen McAlpin & Tommie - RL3X
Lori Bardwell & Kuma - RLVX2 
Barb Burri & Hawke - RLVX18 (Wow!)
Diana Samaras-Fincher & Bart - RL3
Sheryl Malone & Zeke - RLV
Janet Richards & Aries - RL2

I personally congratulate and am in awe of all of you. Being an agility person for over 20 years, I never thought I would venture into any kind of obedience ring, but with the encouragement and tutelage of Barb Burri, my newest canine teammate Power and I started learning a new sport together. The World Cynosport Rally family is warm and welcoming and even accepted a couple of misfit kids such as Power and I. Yes, you can teach an old dog (that would be me) new tricks! We are very thankful to have found you and you, us! We wish you nothing but the best of luck the rest of 2013 and an even better 2014!

Click here to see two courses from the event.

Rally Ho!


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