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Event Report: Kellar Canine Academy Rally Trial

Read about this fun rally event! By Jodi Kellar

Kellar Canine Academy in Saddlebrook, New Jersey, held a World Cynosport Rally trial on December 7-8. Thank you to all the competitors that came to our trial. We enjoyed being a part of your relationship bonding with you and your pup! I hope you had fun, learned something new, met new people, and earned a Q or two; both Cynosport and personal qualifying scores/accomplishments deserve pride and congrats!

Thank you to Judges Peg Munves and Natalene Lamming for fabulously fun courses and to my KCA family: Tito Jackson for being trial secretary, and Niki Levien and Lauren Jones Wenzel for fluidly running the score/timer table. You made our trial enjoyable for all!

Cindy Lee and Hailey qualified for the first time at the event!Jill Stoller and Tia are seen here showing off their new level 2 title ribbons with judge Peg Munves.
Photos courtesy of Nicole Levien.

Congratulations to all those that earned new titles at our event!

Combination Championship Titles:
*ARCH=5 QQs@190+w/100 points, levels 1B and 2B
*ARCHX=5 QQs@195+after ARCH, levels 1B and 2B
Judith Anne Luce & Rocky, ARCHX
Jennifer Andress & Pongu, ARCHEX
Nicole Levien & Puppa Monkey, ARCH
Pamela Miller & Dori, ARCH
Renee Shriver & Oscar, ARCH

Championship Titles (10 Qs in B class):
Lindsay Hill & Tess, Level Veteran x20 something! Championship
Casey Palmer & Fly,  Level Veteran x15 Championship
Nicole Levien & Puppa Monkey, Level 1 & 2 Championships
Laura McCoy & Derby, Level 1 Championship
Kay Hornung & Ginger Snap, Level 1 x2 Championship
Renee Shriver & Oscar, Level 1 x2 Championship
Jodi & Nana Sundae, Rally Level 1 x2 Championship 
Jodi & Maggie Moo, Rally Level 2 x2 Championship
Jen Basile & Pierce Veterans Championship

Level Titles (3Qs in A class):
Jill Stoller & Tia, Level 2 Title
Joan Olawski-Stiener & Rio, Level 2 Title
Alison Sedler & Lucy, Level 3 Title
Katherine Wolf & Kipling, Level 1 Title 
Cindy Lee & Hailey, Level 1 Title
Linda Walter & Ripley, Level 1 Title 
Linda Jehl & Beulla, Level 1 Title
Kay Hornung & GingerSnap, Level 3 Title

1st Time Qualifiers (dedication required!):
Cindy Lee & Hailey
Karen Izzo & Blue

Congratulations again to every team for your accomplishments with your pup! We look forward to seeing you at our next trial, March 22nd and 23rd (Saturday's judge is Lynn Currie, Sunday's judge will be announced as soon as possible). 

Click here to see courses from the event.

Jodi Kellar, M.A. ABCDT, CGC & STAR Evaluator, ABCDT Mentor, and Delta PetPartner Evaluator is a member of APDT, NADOI, NADAC, CPE, HSUS, and ASPCA Angels. She is the owner of Kellar's Canine Academy in Bergen County, New Jersey ( and can be reached via


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