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Rally Resolutions!

World Cynosport Rally competitors share their goals for 2014. What are yours?

Over the last week at, we've been focusing on helping you set up your New Year's Resolutions in a way that will let you reach your rally goals (click here and here to read those articles). We also asked that members of the World Cynosport Rally community share their rally resolutions and goals. Here's a look at some of your goals for 2014:

Jefferson wishes you a Happy 2014! Courtesy of Erin Queen.

After a whirlwind WCR packed 2013, sadly, my rally goal for this year [is to] wait, wait, wait, and train, train, train! My almost one-year-old Cavalier, Freddy, is just out of Puppy and will spend the spring/summer really working his skills and [you will] see us back in the ring, if all goes according to plan, this fall. My four-year-old Lab, CJ, is focused on obedience this year, but will finish her ARCHX and possibly ARCHEX when little Fred goes out for his L1 this fall.

--Kristen Hurwitz, Pound Ridge, New York

Kristen Hurwitz and Freddy the Cavalier at their most recent trial! Courtesy of Morgaana Menzel.

Hawke, Labrador age 13½: RLVX20, a few more 210s.
Kestrel , Labrador age 10 ½: ARCHMX5, RLVX10, a few more 210s.
Merlin, Labrador age 8: ARCHMX2, RLVX2.

--Barb Burri, Plaistow, New Hampshire

Seamus, Sheltie age 5: 1. To show some excitement in the rally ring at least once this year. 2. Hope to maybe complete the dog dishes once. 3. To get at least two triple Qs this year.

Clover, Sheltie, going to be 1 in January: 1. To do a great recall. 2. To be happy in the rally ring. 3. Start and finish level one and get one leg in level 2.

I guess I made another resolution to work on one sign a day for five days and on the sixth day, do all five signs and take seventh day off. So far it is working. Another rally friend suggested it. [It allows you to] keep the signs fresh in your mind and for me, its a way for my puppy to learn the next level signs.

I love rally: the people, the dogs, everything!

--Becky Potter, upstate New York

Seamus (left) and Clover Potter show off some of their rally ribbons!Courtesy of Becky Potter.

A fairly modest rally goal for 2014: just get one, solid level 2 Q with my baby dog, Truman (a very curious Boston Terrier mix).

--Megan Keister, Silver Spring, Maryland

My first and foremost goal is for my 11-year-old Border Collie, Fly, to continue enjoying our time in the ring, allowing us to further strengthen our bond and working relationship. As long as she is happy and comfortable in the ring, anything else will just be icing on the cake.
--Casey Palmer, CVT, Groton, Massachusetts



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