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A World Cynosport Rally Update

An update on the World Cynosport Rally program as of March 31, 2014.

The Rally Advisory Board met last month to review the two surveys conducted late last year and to critically review the existing Rally Program and to discuss avenues by which to increase involvement nationwide. The surveys revealed that there is an increased appetite for more classes, including a tournament, and a desire to see lowered costs of participation and more access to events.

We are now in the process of outlining an enhanced structure that will reflect a vision for the future, including better definition to existing levels and the addition of new classes, including a tournament, and a close scrutiny of the existing cost structure. We also received numerous ideas for new signs, signs to be modified and even some to be dropped, and are looking at policies that were identified as being irrational, impractical or simply outdated. Our goals are to complete this effort by July 1, so that we may post for comment, make further refinements and kick off new features by the start of 2015. There will be some improvements to existing policies that will take effect much sooner.

World Cynosport Rally program director Ann Allums analyzes exercises to establish more clarity in the definition of each level. 

To facilitate the event licensing process, by the end of April we will roll out a Group Services portal where groups may license events and manage the class schedule and judging panel online. This will be the first of a number of features to be introduced over the course of the year.

While we are still working on the outline of much of the data, we have established a mission statement that incorporates the essence of our vision and what Rally is intended to be:

    "Rally is a team sport for pet owners and their dogs designed to test proficiency in training while navigating sequences of obedience exercises on a uniquely-styled course. In the Rally style, course sequences are to be performed in unison from station to station with a sense of purpose and liveliness, creating fluid sequences that conclude at designated points. World Cynosport Rally Limited promotes Rally Obedience sport as a means of being active with one's pet in a fun and inviting social atmosphere, while teaching a dog essential behaviors for being a valued member of the family and the community."

We will begin posting monthly updates the first of each month, with the next update due May 1. We are also posting articles weekly on Be sure to check the news page weekly, as this is the official announcement resource for all things World Cynosport Rally.

As a final note, the 2013 Ranking Awards are out.  Certificates are being mailed this week.  Please allow seven to ten days to allow for delivery. 


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