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Event Report: Tri State Dog Obedience Club

A recipe for a great trial! By Bill Kroohs

Recipe for a successful World Cynosport Rally (WCR) trial:


132 runs
110 qualifying scores
50 dogs
14 volunteers
10 hours
2 judges
1 ring


Perfect weather
Enthusiastic competitors
Spectacular dogs 
Hard working volunteers
Great judges

Detta Andreana and Stu.

The result was a tremendous first WCR trial at Tri State Dog Obedience Club in Shohola, Pennsylvania. On August 30, 2014, 7 am came bright and early and by 9 am, the first dog was on the line for judges Jodi Kellar (Level 1) and Sara Jacobs (Levels 2, 3, Puppy and Veteran). From that point on, handlers and dogs entered the ring happy and ready to go and exited the same way, successful or not. As the day went on, teams accumulated qualifying scores in their quest for one title or another. The final class of the day was the most exciting as four Level 1-A teams tied for first place with perfect scores of 210. After a run-off, these beginner teams could only be separated and placed by mere seconds of run time.

Beth Koferl and her Golden Retriever, Bret, who earned their RL1 and won a four-way run off!

Titles won included:
Ferra Lin-Duffy and Neffy, Puppy
Shelly Clawson and Faith, Puppy Championship
Beth Koferl and Bret RL1
Val Bernhardt and Rocky RL2
Bill Kroohs and Kody, Level 2
Colleen Wood and Choimhe, Level 1 Championship
Noel Hirsh and Dillinger, Level 1 Championship x3, Level 2 championship x2 
Stephanie Case and Jesup, Level 2 Championship x3

The author and Kody, earned their Level 2 title.

This trial was a long time in coming. My wife, Diane, and I have been APDT/WCR competitors for more than 10 years. Diane and Reggie (our Golden Retriever) were one of the first teams in the Tri State Dog Obedience Club to get involved in rally and earned their RL1 in November of 2003. With that background, it is easy to see why we had often talked about putting on a rally trial with TSDOC, however, it never seemed to work out. When the stars aligned just right and we put on our first WCR trial, the trial was such a great success that we have our second planned for November 9, 2014! For information on this trial and all of our events at TSDOC please go to our website

Cathy Mann and Sampson.

Check back tomorrow to see more courses from this trial!

All photos courtesy of Diane Kroohs.

Diane and Bill started with ADPT rally over 10 years ago after they retired. Diane and her Golden Retriever, Reggie, earned their RL1X, RL2, RL2X, RL3, RLV AOE


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