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Feeding the Working or Performance Dog - Myth vs. Reality

Learn the ins and outs of feeding a performance dog, thanks to Petcurean!

Petcurean is a proud sponsor of the USDAA® Cynosport World Games 2014 so we thought we would offer some insights and dispel some myths about feeding a working/performance dog.

Myth 1: Dogs don't need carbs

Reality: While dogs don't have a nutritional requirement for carbs, they provide instant access to energy which is beneficial to working dogs. Moderate carb levels provide quick energy while allowing protein to focus on muscle function and repair. Carbs are also useful in stabilizing gut motility in hard working dogs.

Myth 2: High fat levels in my working dog's food will make him fat

Reality: Fat supplies more than double the calories of any protein or carb, and is the best way to provide an additional energy source for your working dog. Increased fat levels can be utilized for energy rather than depleting protein stores needed for muscle maintenance and repair. There are many types of fats and oils that share similar property structures that can be used for increased energy, such as coconut oil. This quickly digested fat is highly palatable and rapidly digested from the intestinal tract making it a preferred energy


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