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Rally at the 2014 Cynosport World Games

World Cynosport Rally made its debut at the Games with a fun trial in an exciting environment. By Wendy Hilton

Just Rewards celebrated its five-year anniversary of hosting APDT/WCRL Rally trials at the USDAA Cynosport World Games in Morgan Hill, California. We held four trials on October 18 and 19 with 33 dogs and their handlers competing during the weekend. There were dogs of all varieties, from a Great Dane to a Miniature Schnauzer to the cutest little Staffordshire Bull Terrier I've ever seen! And, of course, there were the Malamutes who "woowoo-ed" their joy at being there (to everyone's delight!). 

We also had a junior handler, Kiera Gray, competing with two Labrador Retrievers. She was the star of the show! 

Kiera in the ring.

In addition, we were thrilled to have several first-timers join us who all raved about WCRL Rally and how friendly and supportive everyone was. There was also an 11-year-old Collie who came to join us for her farewell to Rally. She's been with us since the first trial and is now retiring. It's been a great five years, Diva!

Diva on course with owner Kitty Norwood.

We always offer special awards at our trials. These are gift bags full of toys, treats and other goodies. 2014 Cynosport World Games sponsor Petcurean also added a nice bag and cool sunglasses for each award. Thanks, Petcurean! Except for High in Trial, the awards change each trial to add a bit of fun and extra acknowledgement for special teams and the often unexpected things that happen when dogs are being dogs. This trial's special awards and recipients were:

High in Trial (Saturday) - Terri Kaluza and her Golden Retriever, Kahne (This was their first WCRL Rally trial!)

High in Trial (Sunday) - Mary Palumbo and her English Springer Spaniel, Winston

Mary Palumbo and Winston share a connection on the rally course.

Highest Scoring Agility Dog - Tammy Langer and her Border Collie, Tricki Woo

Rally Spirit - Kristi Koltavary and her Labs: Oliver, Nemo and Hadur (Kristi had a lot of ups and downs over the weekend and never lost her smile or positive attitude!)

The "Rally Spirit" winner, Kristi Koltavary.

Crowd Pleaser - Tammy Langer and her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Reacher (Reacher had the crowd wrapped around his paws with his huge grin and "prancy" heeling style.)

Trick or Treat - Cathy Olson and her Great Dane, Eddie (Eddie was the only dog that could see over the ring barriers and he was thrilled to find adoring fans in the stands that he could stop and offer a photo opportunity to while in the ring!)

Eddie says "Hi!" to spectators. 

Throughout the weekend, the teams earned nine titles. Two teams earned their first title ever!

It was a great weekend


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