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Come Experience WCRL's First World Championships

Get the details on the WCRL tournament rules and eligibility.

The first WCRL World Championships are taking shape and the Tournament rules have now been published on the Tournament website. The event will be held at SPIRE Institute, June 17-19, 2016, in Geneva, Ohio. A World Champion will be awarded in each division of the tournament, along with many other prizes and awards.

SPIRE Institute

The Tournament event will be run pursuant to WCRL Official Rules & Regulations, with exceptions as set forth in the Tournament Rules. The exceptions are designed to enhance the experience in this six-round tournament competition, introducing bonus exercises as part of the timed course, 10-point penalties for what otherwise would be scored NQ in titling classes, introducing a Standard Course Time for each round for the last 30 seconds of the time allotted on course, and modified course lengths. See the Tournament Rules for a complete list of exceptions to standard rules. 

Competitors in each division will compete through six rounds as specified below:


Composition of Runs


4 rounds in Level 1, 2 rounds in Level 2


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