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Rally World Championships -- Champion Profile Rachel Brostrom

Rachel Brostrom and Georgia took 3rd place in the Level 2 Division.

Rally Competitor Profile: Rachel Brostrom

1.   How did you get started in rally?

I started doing rally back in 2005, when it became a titling event in AKC and I was fortunate to also live in an area where there were APDT Rally trials for me to try as well. I was doing a lot of agility at that time and had come from doing competition obedience before, so rally was a great fit for me and my dogs.  

2.    How long have you been active in rally?

Since 2005 with four different dogs.

3.    What are some of the challenges you have faced in fitting rally training and competitions into your schedule and how did you overcome them?

I train at home and find it difficult to fit formal class time into my schedule. Since I do a variety of dog activities, along with being a judge, I normally look at my free weekends and see what's available to do, how far away the trials are from my home and what my current training and showing goals are.

4.    What do you do during your daily work life?

Although I'm a school teacher by profession, I work for an animal shelter in southern New Hampshire, where I teach dog training classes and help the shelter make money through business operations. I also am busy with our family which includes two kids. Working at the shelter has allowed me more flexibility with juggling home life, work life and playing with my dogs!

5.    Tell us a bit about your dogs?

We currently have two dogs, although we've had as many as four in the past. I have an older Australian Shepherd who is now fully retired from all, except short sniffing walks and snuggling. Kobe was a great agility, obedience and rally dog in the past and we had a lot of fun over the years. He is 13-1/2-years-old. My younger dog, Georgia, is a five-year-old Australian Shepherd. She and I do rally, obedience and she's a great agility dog! She loves our kids and is a wonderful family companion, as well as a fierce competitor.

6.    What do you love most about doing rally with your dog? 

I love competition obedience and really like that rally helps me practice all those obedience skills on varied courses. I enjoy the ring time for rally, so rather than 30 seconds of adrenaline that agility provides, having my dog move around the ring for two minutes and trying to maintain her connection for that time is really a great challenge and I get a lot of motivation in having that happen.

7.    What would you say to someone considering rally to encourage them to try it? 

It's a great training challenge and healthy for dogs bodies and minds. It teaches useful obedience skills and allows you to practice them in a variety of places. It's fun to meet new and friendly people in both classes and at competitions.


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