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Keeping Pets Safe From Fires

Keep your home and your pets safe from fires with these tips!

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that approximately 500,000 pets each year are affected by fires in the home, and of those fire, about 1,000 each year are started by pets (by accident, of course!)

Review your home regularly to make sure there are no possibilities for a pet to start a fire by:

  • No open, active flames! Pets may be fascinated by flame and attempt to get at it which can lead to situations such as candles or lit lanterns being knocked over. You also want to prevent a pet from burning themselves by touching an open flame such as on a stove, BBQ, or a fireplace. Another way to keep pets safe around the oven and stove is to remove the knobs or get child-proof coverings so they can't be accidentally turned on by the pet moving against them.

  • Secure wires - Pets, particularly puppies with an urge to chew, can get at electrical wiring and cause a spark to lead to a fire, as well as possibly harm themselves from the shock. Tuck in wires or cover them with PVC or other protective materials.

  • Flameless candles - One way you can you reduce the chance of a fire is investing in flameless candles, which can look just as nice and there's no danger of starting a fire!

  • Glass bowls - If you have an outdoor wooden deck area, avoid using glass bowls and use stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic instead. The sun reflecting through the glass bowl can actually cause a fire to start on the wood underneath.

If a fire does occur in your home and you have pets, be sure that you have your pets in a safe area and on leash while the firefighters do their work. A pet in this situation can become easily spooked and run off, so making sure you have secure control is important.

Another good tip is to use a window cling that alerts firefighters that you have a pet or pets inside the house in case the fire occurs while you are not home. This helps them to know to rescue your pets and remove them as soon as possible, as well as keep them from being surprised when they open the door and have dogs (and other pets) rush out. The ASPCA provides a safety pack for free which includes a cling, and there are many other vendors online you can purchase them from.


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