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Be Aware of the Top Causes of Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a serious issue for dogs. With Thanksgiving this week, here's a reminder of things to avoid.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center reminds us to look out for several items that may be present in your home this Thanksgiving weekend:

Chocolate is a well-known problem for dogs, and ingesting chocolate can lead to pancreatitis. Make sure that any candy in your house is kept well away from dogs. Guests who visit for the holidays may not know about dogs and chocolate if they are not pet owners. It's a good idea to let visitors know what to watch out for when, or even before, they arrive.

Lilies can also be very problematic. Lilies tend to be more of an issue for cats, but dogs are at risk of acute kidney failure and pancreatitis as well. If you receive any plants as a gift, or buy some to decorate your home for the holidays, make sure they are safe for all of your pets, or keep them in a completely pet-proof area.

Organophosphates also can cause pancreatitis. This is an ingredient found in many pest control products. These may be used more in the winter to control bugs that are coming into the home due to the weather changes. Make sure any insect control products you use are safe to be used around your pets.

Diet is also a cause of pancreatitis in dogs. If your dog is fed high fat foods in large quantities, this can lead to a serious medical issue. Limit giving them table scraps from your holiday dinner, and again, if you have dog-inexperienced guests in your home, make sure they know that it may seem loving to throw the dog some turkey skin, but it's really not.

It's a good idea to keep the ASPCA Poison hotline number (888-426-4435) handy this holiday season if you suspect your dog has ingested something that can cause pancreatitis or other problems.

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