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Successful 1st Sanctioned Trial Under the New Rules

PosiDog in Hilliard, Ohio, had a great time celebrating the new year with the 1st sanctioned trial under the new rules!

PosiDog Canine Learning Center celebrated the new year and new WCRL regulations with a trial on January 1st! In the words of Trial host Kristen VanNess:

"New and returning exhibitors were happy - they enjoyed the rule changes, beautiful new signs, and fun new exercises. We had 10 exhibitors, 14 dogs, two trials and even played two games under the new Specialty class option.

The trial really went well - we only had some slight delays as we rechecked rules on scoring changes. The new signs are great and made it easier for course design, the bonus within the course was really great, and it just went so well.

Plus, we liked our games experiment [Specialty classes]. A few of the teams got VERY into that part!"

[See below for a description of the two Specialty classes that were offered!]

Trial 1 game (Kaleidoscope): Signs will be arranged around the ring and marked with different colors to indicate different point values. Teams will have 2 minutes to gain as many points as possible. Signs must be performed correctly to earn points; no partial credit will be given. Signs may be taken from all levels; one color will only be available for teams working off leash. Signs can be taken as many times as desired for flow, but only can be performed 3 times for points. Placements will be determined by highest points gained. 

Trial 2 game (Circuit): Teams will follow a course of 10-15 signs that loops back onto itself. Teams will earn 0-10 points per sign with points deducted for errors. Each station must be attempted. Signs may be taken from all levels, but it will be possible to perform all exercises on leash safely. Placements will be determined by highest points gained in 2 minutes. You will have 2 minutes to go through the course as many times as possible.

The judges, Kristen VanNess and Abby Shoben, also commented that it was "really fun to design courses under the new rules (so many interesting options) and the competitors seemed to appreciate the bonus on the course and the variety of options that presented."

Thanks, Kristen and Abby, for the enthusiastic report and for embracing change!


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