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TIP OF THE WEEK: Displacing the jump bar

It is a 2-point deduction for either displacing the bar or for re-cueing the jump when dog passes the plane of the jump.

Displacing the jump bar is a 2-point deduction (each bar) for failure to perform as described on jump exercises. There is no deduction for ticking the jump bar.

If a dog passes by the plane of the jump without passing between the jump uprights, the dog may be called back to the front of the jump (on both Send Over Jump exercises #260 and #374) and re-cued to jump, for a 2-point deduction for the run-out. In other words, per the regulations in Chapter 3 under "Jumps", the handler can re-cue the jump (even if both handler and dog have passed the plane of the jump) without restarting the entire exercise for a 2-point deduction, if all other parts of the exercise are performed successfully.

A retry is another option in the jump exercises, and requires that the team repeat the approach to the station to perform the exercise again. A 3-point deduction is assessed for each retry.


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