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Scoring If Entering Ring With Food in Hand

Regarding improper rewarding and luring outside of the course performance

How is it scored if a competitor walks into the ring with a treat in hand?

No penalty is deducted for luring or improper rewarding (e.g., carrying treats in hand) in the ring before the Start or after the Finish. We are not saying that it's good practice to walk into the ring with food in hand nor are we encouraging it to occur. WCRL's position is that if the dog is not trial ready, that will reflect in the course performance (from the Start sign to the Finish sign.) 

For reference in the regulations, Chapter 4 (Scoring Methods) in the section under Elimination (E) states that "luring or improper rewarding during course performance" is an Elimination (automatic NQ). We have taken emphasis off what occurs before the Start and after the Finish, except for disruptive events such as handler dropping food, dog fouling the ring, poor sportsmanship, etc.

The regulations for food and touch Rewards (in Chapter 3 Rules of Performance) apply to course performance, unless specified "in the ring".


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