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Limited List of Level 2 Bonus Exercises

The Level 2 Bonus Exercise is selected from a limited list, per a 3/15/2018 Amendment.

The Level 2 Bonus Exercise should be selected from a limited number of Level 3 exercises as follows: 300, 302, 308AB, 350, 354, 358, 360, 362, 372AB, 374, and 376. This is per a 3/15/2018 Amendment to the regulations. The Official Regulations on the Rally website are current (all amendments are incorporated to the online version as they are published). But if you have a rulebook printed prior to the amendment date, the following sections should be notated: 

> Chapter 3, Section 3.4 under Bonus Exercise

> Appendix A, Section A.3, Level 2 Course Requirements

Ann Allums

WCRL Program Coordinator


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