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Is Hand-Clapping Allowed in the Ring?

We describe how hand-clapping may be viewed as a cue or additional cue.

For this question, we refer to Chapter 3 under Cues [including Additional Cues], Directives, Instructions, and Signals. Per the regulations, cues are visual or auditory signals given by the handler to communicate to the dog to perform an exercise or element of the course.

For hand-clapping, if it is done after the dog fails to respond to a cue or to re-initiate after ceasing to work, then the hand-clapping would be considered as an Additional Cue, including when heeling between exercises. (Visual or auditory praise, which is given to indicate approval of performance, is allowed and is not considered an Additional Cue.) So while hand-clapping is allowed, additional cue penalties will apply if the hand-clapping is judged as communication to the dog to perform after ceasing to work.

Ann Allums

WCRL Program Coordinator


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