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2020 Annual Rankings Update

Rankings for preliminary 2020 updated.

Preliminary rankings for 2020 have been updated for USDAA@Home! WCRL events that spanned the end of the year. These had been previously excluded, but have been added due to the announcement in 2020 that events spanning the end of the year would be included in 2020 totals. The updated list is now available on

The USDAA@Home! events included 10 single level classes in Intro, Levels 1-3, and Veterans. Additional corrections to individual scores throughout the year were reported since initial publication, and research is underway to resolve any discrepancies. A final rankings list for 2020 is anticipated at the end of this week.

We will continue to receive questions on the list at: Please provide event details and dog registration number on any specific questions related to points presented.

Please note that beginning in 2021, USDAA@Home! WCRL events will be officially dated on the conclusion date of those events, rather than the starting date for events spanning end of the year.  Points earned in USDAA@Home! events opening in 2021 and concluding in 2022 will be included in rankings for 2022.   


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