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WCRL Flash - New for 2022

New Classes and Titles being introduced in 2022 to promote fluid movement.

Introducing WCRL FLASH.  It is a class with emphasis on movement together through the course.  The hallmark of FLASH class is there are no sits or downs, leading to flowing courses with minimal pauses. Courses consist of moving exercises categorized as “turn”, “cone”, and “heeling” exercises. As a result, exercises involving sits and/or downs are not allowed. Some new moving exercises are also being introduced. See separate news article coming soon on 

The FLASH class will initially launch with courses on the USDAA@Home! platform with the first Level 1 and 2 events starting on Tuesday, 1/25/2022. This will enable us to observe results of this new class and to make refinements based upon competitor feedback. Be the first to earn the WCRL Flash title by participating in this initial offering, as courses offer qualifications towards titles and points towards annual ranking. A Level 3 class is under consideration. FLASH will be available for live events once regulations are finalized later this year. 

The FLASH classes are open to all dogs 6 months or older and follows all the rules and guidelines as specified in the WCRL Official Rules and Regulations, with the following notations:.

  • No A/B class distinction
  • Level 1 Requirements
    • On leash
    • Standard Course Time (SCT) is 2:00 minutes
    • 12 exercises
    • Must include two (2) cone and two (2) heeling exercises
  • Level 2 Requirements
    • Off leash
    • Standard Course Time (SCT) is 2:30 minutes
    • 16 exercises
    • Must include two (2) exercises each from Cone, Turn, and Heeling
  • Titles and ranking points are awarded in Levels 1 & 2

See the complete Regulations for WCRL FLASH under "Official Regulations" on the main menu.


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