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Consolidated List of New Flash Exercises (Updated 2/28/2022)

Flash exercises released over the past few weeks have been consolidated into a new document.  

Check out the latest revisions to new Flash class exercises.  The consolidated list of exercises can be reviewed HERE. The exercises have been updated to offer more clarity.

Please note that the new exercises are being tested in Flash classes offered exclusively on the USDAA@Home! platform, which provides us with direct observation of performances.  The performances have been outstanding, and we see much potential for this variation in classes. 

As we further evolve the exercises and course designs, we will be working on refining descriptions and seeking to conform wording and signs to existing regulations where appropriate.  

We welcome feedback on the exercises, signs and written regulation so that we may refine presentation before official release in coming weeks. 

Please note that an official release date has not been decided at this time. Upon official release, groups will then be able to offer the Flash classes at live events.  


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