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WCRL Rally Update -- Winter 2023-24

Flash Rally FAQ and exercise of the month. 

By News Editor

This article will focus on Flash rally, answering questions that have been presented and with a close look at one of the Flash Exercises. More information will be forth coming in future articles and on the WCRL Facebook Group. (You can join the WRCL Facebook Group here.)

Flash Rally Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I find the Flash Regulations with any amendments?

The Flash exercises are described in the WCRL Flash Rally Regulations. The most recent document will include the July 2023 amendments. The amendments clarified language and exercise descriptions and detailed the combined level championships (FARCH, FARCHX, FARCHEX, and FARCHMX).

How do I learn how to perform the Flash Exercises?

In the WCRL Flash Rally Regulations, each of the Flash exercises includes the sign associated with each of the exercises. Each exercise includes the Purpose, Primary Element(s), Requirements, and Note(s). The exercise descriptions are designed to give you the parameters of the exercise. 

You will notice that the numbering system for Flash exercises follows this format: each sign number begins with the letter “F” and is an odd number. Regular rally exercises are even numbered without a letter preceding the number. The signage colors for Flash rally are different from regular rally signs as well. If the handler’s path and the dog’s path are different, the sign will show the handler’s path in blue and the dog’s path in green.

If you need a visual of how to perform the exercise, each of the Flash exercises is demonstrated on the WCRL YouTube channel. Also, you may check with training groups in your area; several groups are providing in-person training opportunities. 

Are any Regular Rally exercises allowed in Flash course design?

Regular rally Level 1 turns are included in Flash rally (90, 45 veer, 180, and 270) along with Level 2 Left About Turn. 

Are rewards allowed on the course?

Following the regular rally regulations for rewards, handlers may use rewards from the ring entry to the start line and from the finish line to ring exit. Because all of the Flash exercises are moving exercises (no stationary exercises are included in Flash rally), teams have no options for rewards on the course itself. 

Exercise of the Month (December 2023): Flash #F103

Flash_070522_F103 500Primary Purpose

To demonstrate multiple variations in stride.

Primary Element(s) 

Heeling through cones in defined pattern.

Spotlight on Performance

To maximize performance points, the handler should focus attention on the two path lines. The dog is sent to the cones to weave while the handler maintains a straight line/path. The handler may cue the dog for the weaves (such as calling “away, here” to indicate the path around the cones). Although there is no specific distance from the cones for the handler’s path, the handler should make sure that the dog has room to move without bumping the handler at cones 2 and 4. Also, the handler should be aware of the length of the leash (if performing on leash in Level 1) to avoid a tight leash deduction. At the completion of the weaves, the dog moves back into heel position while the team proceeds to the next station.

Common deductions occur when:

  • The dog skips a cone, 2-point “Description” deduction per each skipped cone.
  • The handler uses a hand signal separate from the verbal to cue the dog to weave, 2-point “Addition Cue” deduction.
  • The handler has a tight leash as the dog moves away to go around the cones, 1-point deduction for each occurrence.
  • The dog bumps the handler as the dog travels around the cone and towards the handler, 1-point deduction for each occurrence.
  • The handler fails to maintain a straight line, 2-point “Description” deduction.


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