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WCRL Inducts Gail Vendetti into Hall of Fame

Gail named 2023 Volunteer of the Year.

By Cheyenne Lord

Gail Vendetti and Shilo 500With no prior experience in dog sports, Gail Vendetti of Stillwater, N.J., started her Australian Shepherd, Shilo, in a trick dog program when he was a puppy. Then, after trying rally for the first time in July 2020, she and Shilo were immediately hooked. Over the years, they have practiced executing each sign no matter their surroundings, including at an impromptu horse crossing at home.   

Gail has gone beyond training and competing with Shilo since their first trial in August 2020; she also helps with classes and events in any way she can. She has volunteered to develop new Flash signs with the WCRL Rally committee and demonstrated those exercises in videos and live workshops. She has also become a WCRL judge to give back to her community, which includes the younger generation at 4-H club fairs.  

Linda Blaustein, who submitted one of two nominations submitted for Gail, said, “Since she retired, Gail has volunteered her time to help develop Flash and continue to make it thrive. She is extremely dedicated to what she does, and her Aussie, Shilo, clearly loves participating in rally with her. Gail not only teaches Shilo well, but she treats him and everyone with tremendous kindness, love and consideration.” 

Another nomination came from Kathy Murarik, who said, “I met Gail in the spring of 2021 when we both signed up at a local facility for Rally run-throughs. Right away, I recognized her passion and dedication to learning the sport. She was the one who encouraged me to try Flash when it was first introduced, and she is a very fair and understanding judge who continues to promote the sport wherever she goes. She’s worked endless hours for the community in the short 2½ years she’s been involved and truly deserves to be considered Volunteer of the Year!” 

When she learned of her induction into the WCRL Hall of Fame, Gail said, “I am thrilled and touched beyond words. It is such an honor to be recognized for something you are truly passionate about, both as a participant and as someone helping others in their Rally journey. I'm so grateful to the people who nominated me.” 

Congratulations to Gail on her induction into the WCRL Hall of Fame! 

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