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You will need a dog's registration number and dog's birth date on file (any dog if you have more than one) in order to proceed. If you do not have a birth date on file, you may use the default date of 1/1/1900. Click "First-Time Registrants Only" and then answer "Yes" to the question about registering previously with APDT. After receiving your login password, return to this screen and log in. you may then change your password to whatever you would like it to be.

If you need assistance with logging in or in setting up credentials, please contact the World Cynosport Rally office for assistance at (972) 487-2200 x104. Also please note that your Rally registration is valid for USDAA events. You can log into usdaa.com using your RallyDogs.com credentials.

Attention USDAA Registered Dog Owners : If you are planning to enter a Rally trial, you can use your USDAA registration numbers at no additional charge. Log-in on this web site (below) using your usdaa.com log-in credentials to view your Rally results. A separate account and registration is not required.


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