General Information

Group Affiliation Requirements

World Cynosport Rally Ltd. (WCRL) invites clubs, private trainers, training centers or other dog sports organizations to join our network of Licensed Groups through the execution of an "Affiliation Licensing Agreement", a copy of which can be found in the Forms & Documents library in this section of our web site. By becoming a licensed group, you, your group or training center becomes part of an affiliated network of organizations that conduct WCRL-sanctioned events and are recognized for responsible pet ownership through being active with your dog. Your group also becomes part of an international network of independent dog sports organizations through the World Cynosport Limited group of companies, opening the door to the sport of dog agility.

As a "Licensed Group" your group may apply for sanction of rally obedience trials, matches and events pursuant to policies set forth by World Cynosport Rally Limited. Our "Event Licensing Agreement", available through the Forms & Documents library, sets forth the terms and conditions for conduct of a WCRL-sanctioned trial, match or event. Further, a Licensed Group may hold itself out as being a World Cynosport Affiliated or Licensed Group pursuant to the limited license contained in the Agreement. By becoming part of the World Cynosport affiliated network, a group can benefit from referrals and inclusion in WCRL's promotional efforts and materials, as well as draw upon WCRL's experience and resource network.

Not all groups are ready to host competitive events, yet can offer valuable training services. As a service to the community, WCRL will list established training groups in our referral directory for a nominal fee. Such groups are listed on a calendar year basis as "Paid Listings" in our "Group Locator" directory. Terms and conditions for Paid Listings are set forth in our Group Listing Service Agreement, which can also be found in the Forms & Documents library in this section of our web site. Simply complete this form and return it to us with your payment via email, fax or postal service at: World Cynosport Rally Ltd., PO Box 850955, Richardson, TX 75085-0955. Please allow up to ten business days for your listing to appear.

If you wish to affiliate with WCRL as a Licensed Group, follow these simple steps:

  • Download and read the Affiliation Licensing Agreement and related sanctioned match form
  • Contact the WCRL Rally office regarding any questions you may have
  • Complete the Affiliation Licensing Agreement and Match Licensing form
  • Gather other documents required by these forms (typically this is a copy of the organization’s by-laws and membership list, or if a training school, a copy of by-laws, corporate charter or other regulations governing the training school.
  • Send all documents along with applicable fees payable to: WOrld Cynosport Rally, PO Box 850955, Richardson, TX 75085-0955.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Rally office.

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