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November 2015

11/11/15 New WCRL Groups in Texas
There are now two WCRL Groups in Texas, and the first RL3 earned in Texas was just awarded this month.

October 2015

10/30/15 Enjoying WCRL Run-Thrus at the 2015 Cynosport World Games
We introduced new competitors and spectators to the WCRL program at the 2015 Cynosport World Games.

September 2015

09/29/15 Hotel Etiquette When Traveling With Your Dog
With many competitors traveling to WCRL trials, here are some tips on how to be a courteous and responsible hotel guest with your dog.
09/04/15 Hot Dogs: Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke in Dogs
Keep your dog safe from heatstroke. By Dr. Jennifer Deming, DVM, courtesy of Zuke's.

August 2015

08/28/15 Family Fights - Part Four
The final article in a four-part series on managing and reintegrating pack members after a fight -- setting them up for success. By Sara Reusche
08/21/15 Family Fights - Part Three
The third in a four-part series on managing and reintegrating pack members after a fight. By Sara Reusche
08/13/15 Family Fights - Part Two

The second in a four-part series on managing and reintegrating pack members after a fight. By Sara Reusche

08/07/15 Family Fights - Aggression in a Multi-Dog Household
The first in a four-part series on managing and reintegrating pet dogs in a household after a fight. By Sara Reusche

July 2015

07/08/15 Getting and Keeping Volunteers
Tips clubs can use to encourage volunteering at their trials. By Brenna Fender

June 2015

06/12/15 Canine Cancer Clinical Trials May Help Humans
New research unites canine and human medicine. 

May 2015

05/21/15 Dogs Know That Smile on Your Face
A scientific study confirms that dogs can recognize human emotions through facial expressions. By Claudia Bensimoun

April 2015

04/30/15 Pet First Aid
What do you need to handle emergencies at home and on the road?
04/28/15 The C-BARQ Study
What's really in a dog breed? By Claudia Bensimoun
04/17/15 Disaster Preparation for Pets
Make plans for your pets in case of disaster.
04/03/15 Potential Poisons in Your Home
Find out what foods and plants in your home might be dangerous for your dog.

March 2015

03/26/15 Dog Behavior Varies With Height, Bodyweight and Skull Shape
How does a dog's physical traits relate to his behavior? By Claudia Bensimoun
03/18/15 Healthy Snacks for Dogs
Check out these healthy treat suggestions and learn you what to avoid when cooking for your pet.
03/12/15 Link: Drop It Training
Stuck indoors? Train "drop it" to keep your dog busy, exercised, and entertained!
03/06/15 Beware of Drowsy Driving
Time changes and other factors might leave you drowsy when driving to or from an agility trial. Learn the signs and how to avoid a possible accident. By Kelly McFaul-Solem
03/05/15 2014 WCRL Annual Rankings
The 2014 WCRL Annual Rankings have been posted.

February 2015

02/27/15 Hotel Etiquette
How can you be courteous, responsible and set a good example when staying in hotels with your dog? By Annie DeChance and Brenna Fender
02/27/15 WCRL Revised Preliminary 2014 Annual Rankings
View the Revised Preliminary 2014 Annual Rankings.
02/26/15 Traveling Responsibly with Your Pet
February is Responsible Pet Owner month. Find out what it takes to care for your pets responsibly while they are traveling in your vehicle. By Annie DeChance and Brenna Fender
02/23/15 Five Ways to Keep Your Pet's Teeth and Gums Healthy for Life
Learn more about good dental health for your dog!
02/17/15 Jealousy in Dogs
A new scientific study looks at whether dogs really experience jealousy. By Claudia Bensimoun
02/11/15 Pet Dental Health
Dental health is important for our dogs!

January 2015

01/30/15 2014 Preliminary Annual Rankings
View the 2014 Preliminary Annual Rankings here.
01/29/15 Two-Sentence Training Tips
We finish National Train Your Dog Month with some great advice!
01/21/15 How to Keep Your Dog Busy this Winter
In the heart of winter, owners of active dogs need to get creative!
01/21/15 What Does Your Dog Really Know?
Why do many dogs perform differently at trials than they do in practice?
01/14/15 New Year's Resolutions for Dog Sports
The start of a new year is a good time to set rally-related goals. By Brenna Fender
01/07/15 Link: What Your Natural Health Magazine Doesn't Want You to Know
Are you confident in your veterinarian's ability to help your dog be healthy?

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