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December 2016

12/28/16 Holiday Hours for WCRL
New Year's holiday hours for the WCRL office.
12/21/16 Hotel Etiquette When Traveling With Your Dog
For those traveling with their pet for the holidays, here are some tips on how to be a courteous and responsible hotel guest with your dog.
12/14/16 Fostering for the Holidays
Short-term fostering over the holidays can help a dog in need, but also help perfect your training skills.
12/07/16 Children, Dogs, and Asthma
Contact with dogs at an early age may decrease a child's chance to get asthma.

November 2016

11/30/16 Polydipsia or Polyuria
If your dog is drinking and/or urinating more, they may be suffering from polydipsia or polyuria.
11/23/16 Be Aware of the Top Causes of Pancreatitis
Pancreatitis is a serious issue for dogs. With Thanksgiving this week, here's a reminder of things to avoid.
11/23/16 WCRL Office Closed for Holiday
WCRL office closed for Thanksgiving.
11/16/16 New Research on Inhibitory Control in Dogs
A new study looks at a dog's ability to solve problems based on how well the dog can inhibit his or her own behavior.
11/09/16 Keeping Pets Safe From Fires
Keep your home and your pets safe from fires with these tips!
11/02/16 Enhancing Your Dog's Diet for Better Health
Zuke's veterinarian provides advice on food you can add to your dog's diet to improve their health.

October 2016

10/26/16 New Free Health Information Service from the AVMA
The AVMA has announced a new online service to increase education for pet owners and veterinarians.
10/19/16 What is reverse sneezing?
Reverse sneezing is a common sight with many dogs that owners often mistake for a serious condition.
10/05/16 Dealing with Dog Fights
If a dog fight were to occur, would you know what to do to keep yourself and the dogs safe?

September 2016

09/29/16 Hypothyroidism in Dogs
Learn how to recognize the signs of thyroid disease in dogs.
09/21/16 Keeping Dogs Safe in the Home
Some tips on keeping dogs, and other pets, safe in your home.
09/14/16 The Science Behind Food Motivation in Labrador Retrievers
A new genetic research study finds a biological reason for Retriever's food motivation.
09/08/16 Training Your Dog in the City
Taking your dog on a training outing downtown can be a great way to work around distractions.

August 2016

08/31/16 Dogs and Cars - Why Do They Love Them?
We explore why some dogs seem to love car rides as much as they do!

July 2016

07/13/16 Rally World Championships -- Champion Profile Tena Parker
Tena Parker and Rio took 3rd place in the Level 3 Division.
07/08/16 Rally World Championships -- Champion Profile Rachel Brostrom
Rachel Brostrom and Georgia took 3rd place in the Level 2 Division.

June 2016

06/24/16 Rally World Championships -- Course Maps
View all the courses from the Rally World Championships, which were held June 17 - 19, 2016.
06/23/16 Overall Results from the Rally World Championships
See the overall results from each team in the Rally World Championships.
06/22/16 Rally World Championships Award Winners
See the winners of the inaugural Rally World Championships, which were held June 17 - 19, 2017, in Geneva, Ohio.
06/14/16 New Policy for WCRL Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Action Guidelines
Please see the new WCRL Rules of Conduct, effective June 15, 2016.
06/01/16 Bringing Home Puppy: Socialization
Proper socialization is important for the new Rally (or any!) puppy.

May 2016

05/25/16 The Many Signs of Stress in Dogs
Can you recognize the signs of stress in dogs?
05/19/16 Tomorrow is the Closing Date for the Rally World Championships
Send in your entries for the Rally World Championships.
05/11/16 Dog Walking Ideas
Here are some ideas to spice up your regular walking routine with your dog.
05/04/16 Using Food in Dog Training - Bribery vs. Reward
Shannon Viljasoo of McCann's Dogs, discusses the difference in training between bribing dogs with food and rewarding them for a job well done.

April 2016

04/27/16 "Goofing Off" with Your Dog, or the Importance of Taking a Break
Use breaks during training sessions to improve outcomes.
04/20/16 Fit Training Into Your Busy Schedule with Some Creative Ideas
Some fun ideas for fitting training your dog into your busy daily schedule!
04/13/16 How Do You Walk Your Dog?
A dog can enjoy their walks more through the use of scent.
04/06/16 Science Looks at Canine Body Language
A recent research study in Japan looked at a dog's body language as indicators of learning during training sessions.

March 2016

03/30/16 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Dog
If you ever struggled to take good photos of your dog, a famed dog photographer provides some tips.
03/25/16 Rally World Championships -- Premium Available Now
The premium is now available to enter the 2016 Rally World Championships.
03/23/16 Canine Workouts -- The Push Up
Dr. Eide focuses on the push up exercise to strengthen your dog's front end.
03/16/16 Canine Workouts -- Sit to Stand
Dr. Eide's next installment in Canine Workouts series discusses the Sit to Stand exercise.
03/09/16 Canine Workouts
The first in a series of articles by canine rehabilitation specialist Dr. Leslie Eide on canine conditioning.
03/08/16 Come Experience WCRL's First World Championships
Get the details on the WCRL tournament rules and eligibility.
03/02/16 The "Art" of Reinforcement
Learning how to truly understand the placement of rewards to reap the benefits of reinforcement. By Stacy Goudy

February 2016

02/25/16 Dog Bite Prevention and Teaching Children Proper Meetings
Do you know how to coach children how to properly greet your dogs? Here's some helpful tips from Doggone Safe and the AVMA.
02/23/16 2015 WCRL Annual Rankings
The 2015 WCRL Annual Rankings have been posted.
02/17/16 Celebrating With Your Dog
Shannon Viljasoo of McCann's Dogs, encourages us to use praise and celebration to reinforce our dogs.
02/15/16 WCRL Office Closed for Holiday
WCRL office closed fo President's Day holiday.
02/10/16 Can Walking Reduce Long-Term Stress in Dogs?
A research study of shelter dogs found a good walk with your dog can go a long way toward reducing stress.
02/09/16 Save the Date: WCRL Tournament June 17-19
The first-ever WCRL Tournament has been posted on the Event Calendar at www.rallydogs.com. 
02/05/16 2015 Revised Preliminary WCRL Annual Rankings
View the 2015 Revised Preliminary Annual Rankings here.
02/03/16 How Doga and Pilates Can Benefit Dogs
Finding ways to relax can benefit both you and your dog. By Claudia Bensimoun

January 2016

01/28/16 Training Article: Fabulous Focus, Part 4
In the final part of her series, trainer Lisa Lyle Waggoner discusses improving your dog's focus and conditioning to the performance environment.
01/26/16 2015 Preliminary WCRL Annual Rankings
View the 2015 Preliminary Annual Rankings here.
01/21/16 Training Article: Fabulous Focus, Part 3
Trainer Lisa Lyle Waggoner continues her series focusing on getting perfect attention from your dog.
01/14/16 Training Article: Fabulous Focus, Part 2
In the second part of our series on focus, trainer Lisa Lyle Waggoner discusses dog body language and the importance of reinforcers.
01/08/16 Training Article: Fabulous Focus, Part 1
Building focus in your dog can improve your relationship and your Rally performance.

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