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December 2019

12/28/19 Office Hours for New Years Day
We will be closed New Years Eve starting at 2pm CST and will re-open Thursday, 1/2.
12/23/19 Office Hours During Christmas
We will be closed Christmas Eve starting at 2pm CST and will re-open Thursday, 12/26.

November 2019

11/20/19 Titles Delayed Until December
Titles will be processed in December.

August 2019

08/29/19 Is Hand-Clapping Allowed in the Ring?
We describe how hand-clapping may be viewed as a cue or additional cue.
08/21/19 Requests for Modifications
Requests for Modifications may be made for handlers or dogs with disabilities.
08/15/19 Limited List of Level 2 Bonus Exercises
The Level 2 Bonus Exercise is selected from a limited list, per a 3/15/2018 Amendment.
08/05/19 Scoring If Entering Ring With Food in Hand
Regarding improper rewarding and luring outside of the course performance

June 2019

06/30/19 Office Hours for Week of July 4th
Rally Office will be closed July 4th-5th
06/25/19 TIP OF THE WEEK: Scoring 206AB
On exercise #206AB, no deduction for handler head turn when calling dog to sit.
06/20/19 TIP OF THE WEEK: Displacing the jump bar
It is a 2-point deduction for either displacing the bar or for re-cueing the jump when dog passes the plane of the jump.
06/12/19 TIP OF THE WEEK: Intro Class for all dogs
Intro class eligibility
06/07/19 TIP OF THE WEEK: Taking Steps Back on Level 3 Front Exercises
Performing the front without stepping backward on exercises #354, #358, and #400

May 2019

05/20/19 TIP OF THE WEEK: The maximum deductions per exercise sign are 10 points
10 points is the maximum that can be deducted per exercise sign, even if more than 10 points in deductions are accumulated.
05/14/19 TIP OF THE WEEK: Course Times
Each class has it's own maximum course time.

March 2019

03/08/19 2018 Annual Rankings
View the 2018 Annual Rankings
03/06/19 Meet Rally Judge Leigh Sylvester
Read about Rally Judge Leigh Sylvester

February 2019

02/28/19 2018 Preliminary Rankings
View the 2018 Preliminary Rankings

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